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I had some painters, who now is Floetrol * *, and is, that it is not. What type? There is a conditioner color better, and this is to expand an image that is the same as a hair treatment? I have Flotrol for several years. I used Extender XIM recently and like it. I love that will ruin not the color as the Flotrol, dry thickness or demand not so much in the mix. Where noticed that this Floetrol is now a disgusting? and what is the problem? I love and I have problems with it had. I use it all the time in fact, as often as not, unless shown by circumstances that contribute to the situation. I'm looking forward to BM when Extender as I to use your color. She did not, but soon. After only a conditioner of latex and extender the same I believe are more or less. You should do the same, just a a company called potato and one potato. I had a gallon of Floetrol floetrol forum sat on my shelf for 3 years. I think that in the thread for sale will book. Much Floetrol-Nowa-days? H2O said chemical long ago water mixed with color on that can result in failure of the painting. something about the chemical properties of the water from the faucet. I personally use XIM Extender I. Blogging is! y. FLOETROL is always impressive, mix some Floetrol with my color surface spray. This is the only time where use it well. I like Floetrol. I think that the dried paint better. Especially cut when sprinkles. Chemistry of the Casini painting tap water? I hope that it it needs a limit to how much to ruin the color because I often do it. Usually short, if short, if for a while, until sufficient drop in the brush maintain a half cup open. Am I the only one that does this? I'm maybe not as smart as I think. _ People who say they want a government program, because I I n t, a burden on my children, is apparently good, a burden for the other children. Pintor Ing Annapolis Thomas Sowell Haus Malerei Blogs Facebook Google +,,. .